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Radian Pro Servo Covers
Made in the USA
The Third option consists of one pair of Diamond Servo Covers and a left/right universal pair of covers for the flaps.
The second option is the modified set. This requires trimming the aileron control horn that comes with the kit as you see in the pictures below. This set comes with one pair of Diamond Servo Covers and two pairs of SC21-5's for the flap servos. Giving you the right-right combo required for the flaps and a more streamlined aileron look.
Developed in conjuction with Mike McDougall/KingsFlyer of RCGroups fame.

In our constant pursuit of aerodynamic efficiency and mechanical protection we combined 2 popular Servo Covers to form the Radian Pro Servo Cover Set manufactured from .040 White High Impact Polystyrene plastic.

You have three options when purchasing the covers.
Introducing the Radian Pro Servo Cover Sets
Radian Pro Un-modified Set
Radian Pro Modified Set
Radian Pro Universal Set
picture 5-e picture 6-e
The first option is the un-modified set with no cutting of the existing control horns that come with the kit. This set comes with 3 pairs of SC21-5 Servo Covers.
picture 2-e picture 5-e
picture 2-e picture 7-e
picture 11-e picture 4-e picture 8-e picture 10-e
3 pairs
1 pair
2 pairs
1 pair
1 pair